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It happened where 1300 South intersects with 2100 East. A person driving a Toyota SUV was heading west on 1300 south, and another driver in a subcompact Audi SUV was going south on 2100 East. The Toyota hit the Audi at a high speed just before 5 in the evening. It is believed that the Toyota driver ran a red light. The force of the crash pushed the Audi into a nearby parking lot. The Toyota stopped about 100 yards west of the intersection. Both vehicles were significantly damaged in the crash.

The driver of the Toyota exited his vehicle and actually tried to flee the scene of the accident on foot, but witnesses detained him by holding him down and kept him there until police arrived. SLC911 received calls about a car accident at 4:58 pm. Shortly after, the Salt Lake City Fire Department and Gold Cross Ambulance arrived at the crash site. Police took the man into custody before paramedics took him to the hospital for his serious injuries. His injuries were not life-threatening. Emergency crews also found two injured men inside of the Audi SUV. One of the men was in critical condition and had injuries that could be life-threatening. The other man was in serious condition. Paramedics took both victims to a hospital for treatment.

An investigation was carried out by the Salt Lake City Police Department. One of the things they were investigating is if the Toyota driver did run a red light like witnesses reported. The debris field from the crash was over 100 yards long. Based on the debris field and the trajectory path the vehicles traveled in after the crash, it’s clear that high rates of speed were involved.

Both the Collision Analysis and Reconstruction (CAR) Team and technicians from the SLCPD Crime Lab came to the accident scene to investigate. The CAR Team’s job is to investigate crashes that involve fatalities and serious injuries. Members of the team have specialized training in a variety of areas, including collecting evidence, computer-aided drawing programs, surveying equipment, speed analysis, collision examination, accident scene mapping, vehicle occupant kinematics, accident scene photography, vehicle dynamics, and more. The CAR Team has members from various Salt Lake Valley law enforcement agencies.

While authorities investigated the scene and cleanup could take place, 1300 South was closed all the way from 2100 East to Sheridan Road. They also closed 2100 East from 1300 South to Sherman Ave. The roads were eventually reopened, and vehicles could drive on them like usual.

Speeding is a major factor when it comes to causes of car accidents that cause injuries and deaths. When a driver is speeding, they have less time to react to potentially dangerous situations. This means that they are more likely to crash than a driver following the speed limit. Speeding also increases a vehicle’s stopping distance (meaning it takes longer for the vehicle to be able to come to a complete stop). Additionally, speeding makes road safety structures less effective at protecting people inside the vehicle if it crashes. Some examples of road safety structures are crash cushions, median dividers, concrete barriers, guardrails, and impact attenuators.

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In nearly thirty percent of traffic fatalities in America, speeding was a factor in the accident. People die every day from speeding accidents. For a crash to be considered speeding-related, the at-fault driver needs to have been driving too fast for the road conditions, driving above the posted speed limit, or charged with an offense related to speeding. In addition, speeding needs to have been a contributing factor in  the accident, such as in the case we covered in this article. 

The older that a driver is, the less likely it is that they will be involved in a fatal speeding crash. Female drivers are also less likely than male drivers to be speeding. The most likely demographic to cause an accident from speeding is young males aged 15-24. This demographic is also the most likely to get into an accident in general. It’s possibly because at this age, people are more reckless and haven’t completely matured. 

When combined with dangerous road conditions, speeding is more likely to cause a fatal accident. When drivers stay safe and go at a slower speed when there’s bad road conditions, they are less likely to get into an accident. Wet roads, roads with snow or slush on them, roads with standing water or moving water, roads covered in frost or ice, and roads with gravel, dirt, or mud all make it easier to lose control of your vehicle and crash. This is especially true if you are driving too fast. 

In fact, police could cite that a driver is speeding because they are driving too fast for the road conditions. When the road is dry and clear, it should be safe to go the speed limit. However, when it’s rainy and the road is slippery, or the road is covered in ice, driving at that same speed could be very unsafe. Drivers should stay attentive so that they can react properly to possible hazards. When you are speeding, you don’t have time to adjust to dangers on the road. 

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